The newest #FireFox no longer shows FTP sites.

Would it be possible to mitigate this terrible decision by setting up an FTP server in a way that it produces HTML files via http?

(Searching for such a solution, I just get pages for dummies explaining that your browser can display a FTP site.)


@VictorVenema Simply to read ftp, no uploads? Some sort of proxy...

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@waglo Yes, especially older scientific data is often on FTP servers and we link from homepages to such FTP servers for people who want the data.

Even if in the end you use FTP to download all the data, it is useful when these links are not broken and people can get a peek.

Newer data is on real data repositories, but not too long ago FTP was the standard.

@VictorVenema I used FTP, usenet, gopher, archie, etc. before http ate the world.

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