I've come to the conclusion that #Logitech hates left handed people.

Why do they continue to refuse to make mice for left handed people?



@kev It's time we, the left-handed minority, take to the streets and demand the respect we deserve!

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@kev Yikes! Brave man :-)

Strangely enough, I write with my left, throw with my right. Actually, I'm all over the place.

It takes me 30s each time to know left from right. In fact, I just now realize I use the mouse with my right hand!

But for many things, yeah, it really is a problem (not just thinking of me).

Hip hip!

@waglo my wife is also a leftie and she's like you. She basically writes with her left hand and does everything else with her right.

I'm not that way inclined, although most lefties are more ambidextrous that our righty counterparts, I still do most things with my left hand.

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