WOW. Greenwald (of Edward Snowden, US war crimes fame) writes an article critical of Biden, is censored by The Intercept, the very news outlet he co-founded, and resigns.

Could you add a bot for (twitter) @joemihevc ? @commandlinekid Thank you! for adding bots last week for Yanis Varoufakis and Naomi Klein.

1: Port Loring, Ontario.
2: Lakeside Inn, Port Dalhousie, Ontario.
3: Wasaga Beach, Ontario.
4: The Leonard Hotel, Saint Paul Street, and downtown Saint Catharines, Ontario.
I don’t know the precise dates but they were in an album with the Wasaga Beach postcard postmarked Aug 28, 1933.

So glad to be on Mastodon and Diaspora now, instead of privacy-sucking, ad-filled, hate-profitting, zuckerbook.

Here are my illegal and I'm selling illegal unwashed ungraded eggs. and movable coop inspired by lunatic farmer egg mobile, scaled down in this case.

@commandlinekid could you add a bot for (twitter) @yanisvaroufakis ?

Bonjour tout le monde. Desolee mais je ne parle pas bien le francais. Merci pour me permittez d'utiliser cette service Mastodon Quebecoise. Je prefere que mes data rester dan le Canada, pas aux etats unis. Merci encore
- un gar d'Ontario - Martin


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