just started bloodborne... both hate and love it so far. It's easy to just play a while and then put away, but it's also ridiculously time consuming to progress.

man that black phone trailer was awful ... how did this managed any buzz at all...

Gremlins is a modern take on how the grinch stole Christmas. There I said it.

switch indie game sale actually has some good offerings, spiritfarer and hades among em, many more, like panzer paladin! still cheaper on PC but if you got a switch...

If you are among those burnt by cyberpunk 2077, I would strongly invite you to check out alternate games while those guys get their shit together. Shadowrun, Cloudpunk and Observer redux are all worthy gamesr you can check out right now, Observer actually has Rutger Hauer playing as the main role in it, you know, the man that was the automata in fucking Blade runner! It's one of his last roles, and one you should not miss!


Between beers and ads from Korea on Youtube, I got a flash, what if cultural appropriation isn't as big a deal compared to keeping one's culture when face with the crushing normality of pop culture. Seeing LEENALCHI with a dance group, one like a mix of ADIDAS clothing and traditional wear, while acid jazz plays mixed with traditional singing. I feel like this is the way to keep ones culture more then stopping some stranger from enjoying a native part of my heritage.



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