So remember when I wrote about my first #photo with the #pinephone? Yeah here's more from our trip to the Wallis (CH): (All made with my pinephone, with the Megapixels app)

Could you send a original image with a blue sky? I'd like to see it original.
I'm an image scientist and I'd like do see the image quality. I think there is work that can be done to improve images.

@ColinBrosseau Sure!

I happened to have the "Save raw files" option on, so I attached the .dng file. No idea what it contains, but you might find it useful.

I also shot comparison pictures with my OnePlus 5 with Lineage OS (stock camera app). I attached a photo from the same location (on the suspension bridge) but with a slightly different angle.

I think there can be done a lot with software on the pinephone. I don't know a lot in this regard, but good luck to you!

@ColinBrosseau I have more side-by-side pictures with both phones and raw files. If you could use more samples, just @ me again.

Thank you a lot. This is really helpfull to have both the raw and image processed. Having two differens cameras is a big plus.
I'll have fun with that.
It may leads to me buying a Pinephone to work on it's camera.

My god... Pinephone processed image (jpg) is just ugly....

The raw file show many not nice feature too, but clearly the raw -> jpg introduce/boots a lot of problems.

I think that there is a high potential of improvement here.


I now understand that the "post-processing" (aka ISP, or raw->jpg) it done by dcdraw and not by Megapixels.
So it comes to "" parameters...

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