So remember when I wrote about my first #photo with the #pinephone? Yeah here's more from our trip to the Wallis (CH): (All made with my pinephone, with the Megapixels app)

Could you send a original image with a blue sky? I'd like to see it original.
I'm an image scientist and I'd like do see the image quality. I think there is work that can be done to improve images.

@ColinBrosseau Sure!

I happened to have the "Save raw files" option on, so I attached the .dng file. No idea what it contains, but you might find it useful.

I also shot comparison pictures with my OnePlus 5 with Lineage OS (stock camera app). I attached a photo from the same location (on the suspension bridge) but with a slightly different angle.

I think there can be done a lot with software on the pinephone. I don't know a lot in this regard, but good luck to you!

@ColinBrosseau I have more side-by-side pictures with both phones and raw files. If you could use more samples, just @ me again.

Thank you a lot. This is really helpfull to have both the raw and image processed. Having two differens cameras is a big plus.
I'll have fun with that.
It may leads to me buying a Pinephone to work on it's camera.


My god... Pinephone processed image (jpg) is just ugly....

The raw file show many not nice feature too, but clearly the raw -> jpg introduce/boots a lot of problems.

I think that there is a high potential of improvement here.

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By looking at the "jpg" image you sent me, I see a quite fast exposure time and quite high sensor gain (aka ISO).
I do not know if these are real or not and what is the base ISO, but it seems that the AE may have strange way of balancing gain/shutter.

Have you used auto or manual exposure?


This is going to be difficult to work on that without an actual device... :(

@ColinBrosseau FWIW, you could try to install Megapixels on a Laptop, if that helps. It might work.

Ha... Megapixels uses GTK4 which is not available on Ubuntu 20.04 that I use for work. I do not want that level of mess with my work computer. So I'll wait a bit for that... :(

@ColinBrosseau But thanks for your investigation so far, you've given me hope 😄.

@ColinBrosseau Auto. ISO and shutter time is adjustable. Today's nice weather at home so I can create a few shots soon, I can try every value.

If you have fun with it, go ahead. But at some point I'll have to handle the whole thing (with an actual device) to really see what is going on internally.

@ColinBrosseau Oh, I thought it was a selection, but ISO and shutter are a slider that go between 0-1000 or 1-360 resp. So shooting for every value is rather impossible.

Yeah I see. Thanks for checking that.
I guess I'll wait to have an actual device in hand to work that.

For now, I'll see with the post processing (ie raw->jpg).


I've just ordered an external external sensor (OV5647). This is not exactly the same as in the Pinephone (OV5640) but really close.
So my guess is that they are similar enough to be able to find solutions to pinephone camera from my sensor.

So I'll see how all pinephone images could be improved.

I now understand that the "post-processing" (aka ISP, or raw->jpg) it done by dcdraw and not by Megapixels.
So it comes to "" parameters...

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